Thursday, May 13, 2010

The One Where The Classic Hey-Look-I'm-Causing-The-Tower-of-Pisa-To-Lean Snapshot Goes Without Saying.

Dear Lover,

I like to imagine all the wonderful trips I'll take with you.

The many road trips.
Belting out tunes with the windows down and ample snackage.
Camping at each and every National Park.
Except for the Everglades because who wants to share a sleeping bag beneath the scattered stars in fear of one's life in a bog of marsh.
Riding on the backs of camels.
Passing the Sphinx and her sly smile.
Traveling on a train.
The blur of Paris to Istanbul.
Fish and chips in a London pub.
Then, with our bellies full of stout,
Setting off to try to make a member of the Queen's Guard crack.

Standing at each place.
Arms linked.
Mouths gaping.
Looking history and nature it their subtle faces.

And then quickly posing for a series of tacky tourist photos.

So, will you hurry up and get here?
There's a sale going on at Expedia.


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