Saturday, May 1, 2010

The One With The Wall Of Black & White Photostrips With The Mugs Of Our Family And Friends.

Dear Lover,

You know those Hand Scanner Gadgets?
The ones you use to to scan items for a Bridal Registry.
They sort of give me the heeby-jeebies.
The idea of the material world's barcodes stretched out and beckoning greedy little trigger fingers...
The beep beep beep of consumerism...
My teeth are grinding as I type.
I think it may be because, deep down.
Way down deep deep down.
I have a feeling a part of me would revel in those beeps.
In that massively long list of stuff.
But the part of me that is growing bigger and bigger.
The part of me that I love.
Knows there are more important things in life.
And in love.
And so.
When it comes time for us to get our list on.
Let's instead, gather up all of the homegoods our Mothers have passed down to us.
And use them.
Happily mismatched and hodge-podged.

And request everyone pitch in together for an original 1960's refurbished Model 20 Photobooth instead.


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