Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The One With My Favorite Smell.

Dear Lover,

Saturday night.
Eating dinner with friends.
We were full, and decided to take an evening stroll.
And that's when I noticed their two horses in the field.
I couldn't stop myself.
I was completely drawn to them.
And the next moment.
My palms were tracing the line of the brown mare's neck.
Down the arch of the back.
Catching winter coat between my fingers.
All the while, breathing deeply.
The dusty earth of my favorite scent.
And I leaned my forehead against the strong jaw.
Thinking, what better than this?
Fingers finding the shallow cavern above the eyes.
Braiding a section of coarse mane.
And remembering back to the moments.
Lying back on thick grass.
A halter and lead held loose within my hand.
Gazing up, and twiddling my other fingers at the belly of my very own Apaloosa.
The quietest, kindest horse.
As he nibbled on blades.
And occasionally nudged my cheek.


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