Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The One With The Stubs.

Dear Lover,

I have a bucket list of sorts.
To do with music.
Bands I'd like to see before they...
You know. 

Now there are a hundred bands I like.
And a few dozen that I love.
But these are the few where merely dancing in the living room just won't do.

1.    Bob Dylan  This month!
2.    Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam
3.    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
4.    Bruce Springsteen
5.    Pearl Jam  A day that will live in infamy...
6.    Counting Crows  Thus, gypsy dancing was introduced to my repertoire
7.    Jack Johnson  This month!
8.    David Gray  This month!
9.    Ray LaMontagne  This month!
10.  Nick Drake  My heart aches that I never got to see him
11.  The Doors  Broke on through to the other side so I didn't get to see him either
12.  Joni Mitchell
13.  Natalie Merchant
14.  Coldplay
15.  Beirut
16.  The Beatles  Didn't get to see them and I don't want to talk about it...
17.  Jimmy Buffett  Annually
18.  Stevie Wonder  I just may have left a piece of my soul in New Orleans...
19.  David Bowie
20. Joe Cocker Opened up at a Tina Turner concert.  Went for Tina.  Left loving Joe.  

Of course.
If you'd rather stand outside my windowsill.
Holding a boom box on your shoulder.
Playing Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes...
I'd probably kick this bucket list to the corner of my room.
Kick the bucket.
Then let you come inside.
And revive me.


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