Monday, July 19, 2010

The One With Tibet.

Dear Lover,

I'm going to the doctor today.
A doctor who pulled me from an abyss.
Wiped the cobwebs off my sleeves and back.
Walked arm in arm with me to the door.
And told me that it was time to live again.

Live again.
That's what I'm doing now.
With a few slip-ups, of course, every now and then.
And on those days.
I am so thankful that you don't know me yet.
Those days when I seem to revert.
Back to that dark period of my life.
The bleakness that was within me for seven or so years.

But those days are shrinking.
Becoming fewer and farther between.
With more days of swinging arms.
And staring at the sun.
Of forgiving.
And breathing.
And realizing that the bleakness that once consumed me.
Does not define me.
It merely shaped me.
Shaped me into the woman I'm discovering daily.
Into the woman you'll one day marry.

And I wish that you were here.
For this discovering.
This defining.



  1. I'm blown away by your writing. Made my eyes well up. Thank you for the words and please keep it coming and I'll keep it reading ;)

    ps. was directed to your blog from that adorable Pioneer Woman ;)

  2. @ nichole: Thanks for your kind words, and I enjoyed looking through your photography portfolio! Yes, the Pioneer Woman keeps me in stitches!