Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The One Where I Could Have Danced All Night.

Dear Lover,

A dear friend of mine goes to school near Chicago.
She's the sort that has a second sight.
Sees things in nature that people pass by without a thought.
Beautiful things.
The simple things.
Like the reflection of trees in rain puddles.
Kites caught in the treetops.
And fallen branches just begging to be climbed.

She also writes me handwritten letters.
And I respond in kind.
We're antiquated like that.
Because we hate technology friendships.
Every once in a while, our technological prejudices are stifled.
For that short moment.
And we send each other picture mail messages.
Due to the fact that I think we both enjoy the idea that, with each of those received cellphone picture messages comes the realization that we're thinking of the other during that busy day and many miles.

Like one day, not too long ago.
I received a picture.
My friend was in an art museum.
Standing before a Jackson Pollock painting.
Called, "Greyed Rainbow."

But, she saw, "Laugh. Cry. Understand." while staring at it.

I love Pollock's paintings.  
I love the fact that the titles leave so much up to the imagination.
That you can name them something of your own.  
I love what my friend titled it.
Using three very honest words.
Set together in three short sentences.  
Because I love honesty.  
And short sentences.  
(Can you tell?)
I love knowing that as my friend was surrounded by her very close group of friends.
Their minds and attention spans filled with each others' company.
She thought of me.  
As she stared at this painting.  
This painting I've given a name to.

I see a dance floor.  
And twirling dresses.  
And men in suits holding onto lean waists.


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