Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The One Where Love Springs.

Dear Lover,

Is it strange for me to miss you?
You, who I've never met?

Then again. 
I once read that.
The thing about past lives is that each of your various lives are populated by many of the same people.
That the people may take on many different forms, but their soul is the same.
And they keep showing up.
So your husband in one life most probably your husband in other lives.
Which means.
If the past lives theory is true.
Then I must know you.
And missing you would make complete sense.

I'm rambling.
But there's a reason to my ramble.
Because, do you want to know something absolutely perfect?

When my mother was in elementary school.
Her class took a field trip, 2 hours away, to a park with river-fed springs.
And during their lunch break, her teacher lined them up for a class photo.

Years and years and years later.
Mother Mary stumbled across that photo.
And, as she squinted closely at all the faces.
Trying to remember her classmates' names.
She caught one face in particular.

My dad.
Her husband.

He lived in that 2 hours away town with that park with river-fed springs.
And apparently, he had skipped school that day.
And had gone for a dip in the cold cold water.
Had passed by a group of kids his age posing for a class photo.
Had sneaked his way in the back.
Had popped out at the last moment.
And had made a face.

My parents didn't meet until they were in high school.

Do you understand what I'm getting at?


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  1. I have often wondered the same. Have me & him met but just don't know it yet? You give me hope!