Thursday, August 12, 2010

The One With Archie Andrews.

Dear Lover,

I can actually remember the first time I picked up an Archie Comics.
Standing in line at the grocery store with Mother Mary when I was in elementary school.  
I instantly fell for Archie.  
Wanted to be Betty.  
Hated Veronica.  
But over the years.
And issues and issues later.
I learned to love all of the characters equally.
Saw each of their faults and good attributes.  
Kept up with their Riverdale going-ons.  
Loved the clothes.  
Sang along to their Sugar, Sugar song.  
Mostly, I wondered who Archie would finally choose.
Betty or Veronica?

Did you know he finally stopped being so finicky?
And finally made a choice?

In a write up in the newspaper not too long ago.
It was announced that Archie Comics is coming out with issue No. 600, which tells the story of Archie marrying...


Can you believe it?  
I couldn't.  
I was upset.  
Pissed, actually.  
Veronica always got the boys.  
Was there never any hope for us blue eyed, blonde hair (albeit, pony-tailed) girl-next-doors?  
Was it true that the only way to get The Guy was to be rich, snobby, moody, and wear your silky hair down with your favorite low-cut v-neck blouse?!

Yes.  I had a bit of a nervous breakdown.
Over a comic strip.

And then, I read on.  
Particularly to the part where an Archie writer went on to say that yes, Betty is devastated, but Archie's choice "leads her to examine her own issues and self-confidence.  And maybe Archie doesn't deserve her... Maybe she's entitled to something better for her life."

That sentence was my little brown bag.  
I could breathe again.

Because this isn't just a silly comic strip.
No.  It's something more.  
It's a glimpse into the psyche.
Because, let's face it, in spite of all my eccentricities and que sera attitudes.
I'm a Betty.  
And I've fallen for an Archie before.  
And he chose a Veronica.  
And I was crushed.  
Had to reexamine my issues and self-confidence.  
And I eventually moved on.  

For something better... 


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