Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The One With Vacation Day Two.

Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Lover,

A little less conversation.
And a lot more action.
At Graceland.

1. Get stuck behind the slow line.
2. Fork over a small fortune.
3. Put on some used headphones for the audio-guided tour.
4. Realize you'll most likely get ear mites.
5. Realize you're okay with this.
6. Is that Mother Mary tapping her foot?
7. Is that Brother curling his lip?
8. Is that a Dora the Explorer pacifier lying on the green carpet of The Jungle Room?
9. Jaywalk.
10. Wish you had blue suede shoes to jaywalk in.
11. Scribble your name on the brick entrance.
12. Shop for cheesy Elvis paraphernalia.
13. Declare that Elvis is most decidedly not dead after a rather loud rendition of Little Sister.


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