Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The One Where I Mark This Territory.

Dear Lover,

I once stood against ancient mountains so vividly river rock colored.
And, like the smoky haze latching on to them.
It was other-worldly.
And I was caught up.

And the only way I could describe it all.
Was to name the spot Colombia.
A reference to a beloved book I read in middle school.
Not the country.
And yet.
Like untread soil.
I staked a claim.
And called it my own.

And I think what I'm trying to say here.
Is that...
Despite not knowing your name.
Your eyes.
Your lips and hands.
The rise and fall of your chest.
Despite not knowing what makes you laugh.
What makes you hide away within yourself.
Grieve and groan.
Or step out of your body and break into blossom.

I have named you.


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