Saturday, September 18, 2010

The One Where We've Gotta Go Where We Can Shine.

Dear Lover,

The way I see it.
Music at weddings is for one reason.
And one reason alone.
To bring two people together to dance.
Fingertips resting around a neck.
Palm on the lower back.
Hands clasped.

So what do you say?
How about we simply get married in a field of wildflowers.
No frills.
Instead, we'll pour our budget into booking David Gray to play at our wedding.
Let his slow songs roll across that field.
Trees scattered about like placeholders.
Letting the sun shine down on our faces and shoulders.
With our friends and family surrounding us.
Standing around.  Swaying.
Just waiting for someone to ask them to dance.
To hold them close, as well.



  1. I have just come across your blog and i love it .. I had a look at your poetry section . I collect quotes and poetry and some of the ones that you have are beautiful . Some of my favourite poems has to be the poetry written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox .. I just felt i had to leave a comment for you ..hugs Melita x

  2. I looovve David Gray, he does the best slow dance songs. I particularly like "Slow Motion" it was once on an ER episode and I cried. Karina Pasian also does a beautiful song called "Slow Motion" ...if only I could buy some Karina Pasian options now so I can afford her to play at my wedding.
    .... they also make great lullabies too

    BTW totally enjoying your Blog ... thankyou