Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The One With New York City Day One.

Dear Lover,

New York is like a Pollock painting.
You stand there.
Legs shoulder length apart.
Arms at your side.
Staring out at it.
Reading your own meaning into it.

In the past.
It's been an adventure.
And an escape.
A trip with Mother Mary.
And a date.

But, today.
New York is a reminder.
Of the uncrossed list.
Those places I'd always meant to.
But never got around to.

Yes, today, it's time to.

Time to climb up that library lion.
To actually see if it can be done.
Time to visit the Algonquin Hotel.
To swallow the fear of embarrassment and ask to see that vicious table.
Time to take that stroll up Literary Walk.
To promise myself to send out more query letters.
Time to linger at the table at Cafe Lalo.
To sit there, and wait, with hope for the next stranger to walk in.

So here I go.
Ready to do some crossing off.
Because it's time to.
Like so many other things I've been putting off for far too long.


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