Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The One Where You Can Be My Schroeder.

Dear Lover,

You should know.
That when we first move in together.
My piano is coming with me.
The piano that I don't actually know how to play.
Except for the handful of Christmas songs.
And the first few keys of Auld Lang Syne and Joplin's The Sting.
All set around middle C.
And all played with a single hand.

We can gather our friends and family around it.
And sing those few holiday songs.
And we can sit side by side on the piano bench.
Play footsies.
And get our fingers all tangled up.
And I can channel Lucy van Pelt.
Lean and listen.
As you play me boogie woogie.

As my piano takes up our living room.


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