Sunday, November 21, 2010

The One With The Vulcan Salute.

Dear Lover,

Perhaps I seemed a bit on edge yesterday.
I promise, it was just the tension and excitement.
And anticipation.
And I hadn't eaten anything yet.
And when I haven't eaten anything after a certain period of time.
Then I have what's referred to in my family as a "spell."
I blame my great grandmother.
I feel I ought to apologize for one thing in particular.
My slight towards the Trekkies.
Because, I got to thinking.
And thought that perhaps you might be one yourself.
Oh god.
Or at least once was one.
That's better.
Or have a 40 year old brother who is one and still lives with your mother in her basement.

There I go again.

Focus.  Focus.

So, here goes.
My apology.

Dear Trekkies,
Some may slander you.  
But I admire the fact that the adult male half of you are not too ashamed to stand with wonder in your eyes.  
With amazement stretching the corners of your mouths.  
With excitement sharpening your words.
At all things Vulcan.
In a society that likes to stifle any male emotion, I salute you!  
(And then immediately get a hand cramp.)  
Now.  Go take a bath.


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