Saturday, December 4, 2010

The One Where I'll Have Another Guinness.

Dear Lover,

I don't know why it's taken me so long.

I mean.
There are the obvious things to love.
Van Morrison.
P.S. I Love You.
The Cranberries.
Brown Penny.
If I Ever Leave This World Alive.

And of course, Conan O'Brien.

But it's to England, I've always dreamed.
Never across that sea.

Until now.

You see.
I'm reading this book
A romance novel.
By an author I would have never picked up.
(Because of that little bit of snobbery in me.)
If I hadn't heard from someone very close to me.
While playing Deserted Island.
That this was the book she'd take with her.
Her favorite book.
Of all books.

With a definitive statement like that.
I had to give it a try, now didn't I?

So I'm reading the book.
And it's based in Ireland.
And I'm falling in love with each new character.
More and more.
And in love with the hills and the fields of such a wild and lush land.
Of such jagged and heartbreaking cliffs.
Of the community cramped inside music filled pubs.

And I came across this Irish ballad as I was reading.

"I know my love by his way of walking.
And I know my love by his way of talking."

And, now.
I know my love.
Which book I'll have you read aloud to me.
If ever stranded on that deserted island.



  1. ah, i love this post. it makes my heart warm inside.

    they always said that books can unlock the key to your heart.

    find a good book, luva!

  2. Would you mind sharing the name of the book? I'm always looking for new things to read.

  3. Sure thing.
    I've created a link in the post.

    Get ready to drop everything, snuggle beneath the covers and curl those toes...

  4. Of Ireland we dream, to climb the cliffs, stride across the emerald meadows, tap toes and lift a pint in the pub. And one day when you travel there it will be with Him by your side.