Friday, December 24, 2010

The One With The Night Before Christmas.

Dear Lover,

There are things that must be done.
On Christmas Eve.
Things that have become a collection of traditions.
In which make this day my favorite of all days.
Involving a new fancy outfit.
From the Fairy Godparents.
The sort that makes you want to twirl.
Then off to a holiday party with a family of Italians.
Highballs and cheese dip with mushrooms.
Plus one woman who wears the strangest earrings.
Then back home.
For a quick stroll beneath the starlight.
To dine on a breakfast dinner with favorite neighbors.
And Sisters From Another Mister.
Then, with linked arms, off to midnight Mass.
Lit candles raised in Silent Night.
Then oversize flannel pajamas and wool socks tugged on.
Shimmying beneath tree branches.
To stare up at the twinkling lights.
Only to fall asleep.
Inside down blanket forts on the living room rug.

Until I can make new traditions with you...


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