Sunday, January 9, 2011

The One With And A Sturdy Fence.

Dear Lover,

After the other day's debacle.
I've decided we need a plot of land.
A rather large plot of land that is.
Where-The-Buffalo-Roam sort of rather large plot of land.
Where-The-Buffalo-Roam and you can't see your neighbors sort of rather large plot of land.

Because, you see.
I want a lot of kids.
And I want to adopt a lot of animals.
And there's Dorothy Parker to think about.
Her and her banshee wandering ways.

So, I figure.
It'd just be easier.
And less stressful.
To let them all loose.
Let them run and jump and wander and stumble.

They're there.
Out there.
On our little plot of land.


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