Friday, January 21, 2011

The One With Brother's Birthday.

Dear Lover,

A few things to use against my Brother.

1. I've got memories.
2. Oh.  How I've got memories.
3. Like how he used to watch The Lion King everyday.
4. I mean everyday.
5. So would randomly go up to people and lick them.
6. Because that's what Simba and Nala did to say hello.
7. Like how he used to mix spoonfuls of his food in his drink.
8. So would disgust others at the table.
9. With his gurgling noises as he swallowed it all down in sips.
10. And that's how we discovered that milk tastes better with crumbled Oreos in it.
11. Like how he used to make up words like Cee-ca-ball-coink-coink.
12. So when we saw an info-mercial for the lawnmower called a Cecabal, we all looked at him like he was a prophet.
13. And kept our distance ever since.
14. Like how he used to let my friends and me paint his face with make-up.
15. And let us dress him up in outrageous outfits.
16. Mostly girl clothes.
17. So we could then use him as our opening acts for the musical interpretive dances we use to hold.
18. Which makes his dream of re-enacting the parade scene from Ferris Bueller all the more understandable.


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