Saturday, January 1, 2011

The One With Hello 2011.

Dear Lover,

Yes I've some resolutions.
But I think.
The really important thing you should know right now is.
Tonight I'm sipping on champagne.
And watching When Harry Met Sally.

And I've all but decided that we should reenact that New Year's scene.
The one when Harry runs in with his jeans and Cosby sweater.
Grabs Sally, in her taffeta dress and green gloves.
Tells her all the reasons why he's in love with her.
The simple things that he can't live without.

Yes, let's reenact it.
Throw a 1989 themed bash.
On a rooftop somewhere.
With lots of streamers and twinkle lights and bubbly.
Invite all our friends.  
And some strangers too.

And tell each other all the reasons why.
We want to start our lives together.
Just as soon as humanly possible.

Until then.
Happy New Years.


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