Saturday, February 26, 2011

The One With Saturday Night Live.

Dear Lover,

I was raised on SNL.
The early years.
And though people sometimes criticize today's SNL.
I'm still a fan.
Because the point is still the same.
Today, as it was back in 1975.
It's a comedic time capsule of our culture.
At any given moment.
The good and the bad of our society on a Saturday.
I don't have to like it when Bieber, and the like, show up.
But I can laugh.
And isn't that the point?
To take our country's headlines.
Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes exhausting, sometimes exciting.
And be able to laugh about it all.
For just a moment.

And, I guess what I'm really trying to say.
Up here on my soapbox.
Is that, I'd like to slump down on the couch with you.
Our legs extended on the ottoman.
Shins braided over each other.
And watch a few of these with you:

And my new favorite SNL cast member?
Bill Hader.


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