Thursday, March 24, 2011

The One Where We Used To Drive Three Hours Away To See A Concert, But Now We Spend Three Hours Chatting On A Couch.

Dear Lover,

Most of the time, I'm alone.
But not lonely.
Just a single girl of independence.

I'm the only one to listen to my thoughts late at night.
The ones I have to pay attention to.
The ones that can blur reason.
And can send me in circles.
The ones that can grow in importance within the imagination.
Whether they're rooted in good sense or not.
Because there's no one to discuss them with.
To bring about another point of view.

And that's one reason why I'm hopeful that someday you'll come.

But in the meantime.
I'm grateful for a friend of mine.
She listens.
And we laugh.
And she brings warmth to my heart and soul.
Just by being near her.


1 comment:

  1. What a sweet post! I know without a doubt your friend feels the same way about you!