Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One With Watch Out, That 35th One Is A Doozy.

Dear Lover,

Sometimes I have a way.
Of thinking in circles.
Of talking in circles.
Of going through a day in circles.
And to me, it always turns out to make absolute sense.

Take for example, yesterday.
I woke up, and my first thought was of Sesame Street.
Now, I haven't watched Sesame Street for years.
(Besides the yearly viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol, of course.)
But I grew up with Sesame Street.
Watched it every morning with Mother Mary as a child.
And out of nowhere... 
An adult... 
On the brink of being very late for work... 
And of all things...
Sesame Street?
I blamed it on the handful of Thin Mints I scarfed down right before bed.
And headed off to work.
Where, as it happens, I got into a conversation with my director.
About England.
About WWI in England.
About my trip to England.
(I'm going to England for my 30th birthday.)
(Happy Birthday to me!)
And he asked how my planning was going.
Asked where I planned to go, how long I planned to stay.
I answered the first and name the places.
I didn't answer the last.
Because it depended on the number of vacation hours I'd accumulated.
As well, as whether I indeed do return from my trip.
Because I might just fall in love over there and have to stay.
So the day passes by.
Then I got home.
Opened my mailbox and see I had a Netflix movie.
Tore it open and found a BBC film titled, 39 Steps.

Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.
But there's something that seemed to bother me.
Something that tugged at the back of my mind.
Something about those steps.
Something that had to do with the way I silently count steps when I climb them.
Always have, since a child.
And why was I suddenly craving cookies?

And then it came to me.

Yes, it all made sense.
At least, to me.
But I had a feeling.
You'd see the sense of it too.


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