Friday, April 15, 2011

The One With 365 Letters.

Dear Lover,

A year of letters.
Dedication, no?

Maybe sometimes it was wonderful.
This hope.
Maybe sometimes it was frustrating.
This absence.
Maybe you don't even exist...

But these letters.
They're here for you.
In case you do.



  1. Sweet... I did this for my mystery man in a journal years ago. It was my gift to him the night before we were married. Cathartic, I say! He's out there although your paths have perhaps already merged...

  2. Big Gay Apple says "instead of raking fingers down chest when fighting, how about drugging her and digitally raping her in all of my fights"

    I win when I cheat, and I cheat when I win

    When all is said and done, 43 rhymes with killing spree

    Pray for rain, and an end to mental illness

    Pray for safe delivery of my actions with non violent affirmations of hate for Jesus christ, christian soldiers and the end of empathy as I once knew it

    pray for me

    Cos i am relentless when tortured

  3. Anonymous...I love your writings...I would love to join your anal spree.

    I am at