Friday, May 7, 2010

The One Where The Stars Look Very Dif-fer-ent Today-ay-ay-ay.

Dear Lover,

I once used Poison lyrics on a boyfriend.
He was down.  Felt heavy.
So I said, "Every night has its dawn."
You know.
From the "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" variety.
And he smiled. 
And thought I was so.
So very deep.
Because he was from the Grunge and Emo generations.
And so, was daft of my American-Glam-Metal-Usurp.

It's all very ironic, actually.
Because that relationship was so Poisonous.

I can laugh about it now.
In fact.  I did.  This morning.  On the way to work.
The song came on the radio.
And I nearly ran off the road.

And after I laughed.
I thought to myself.
I'm so glad you'll know me this way.
Know this person who can laugh again.
At her "Jaded" memories.

That's right. 
I threw in an Aerosmith reference there.
Are you embarrassed at my musical preferences?
Because I can go throw on some glitter eyeshadow and platform-soled boots with my spandex if that'd make you feel better...



  1. ahhh, brilliant! i adore your musical preferences and am ever so glad that you didn't run yourself off the road!

  2. such kind words from one of my favorite blogs - thanks