Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One With Everything But The Dream Sequence.

Dear Lover,

Every once in a while.
When I need to feel revived.
You know.
When I need to let it all hang out.
I grab the remote.
And channel my inner Ethel Merman.
Rogers & Hammerstein usually does it.
But I'm no snob.
Any film with a song or two interwoven into the narrative will do.
I take the snob part back.
Because I definitely can't stand it when the songs in the movie are merely non rhyming dialogue.
Like Rent.
"Roger: Cold hands
Mimi: Yours too.  Big.  Like my father's.  Do you wanna dance?
Roger: With you?
Mimi: No - with my father.
Roger: I'm Roger.
Mimi: They call me... They call me... Mimi."

Give me a break.
And give me some Astaire, Crosby, Streisand, and Garland instead.
And I'll sing my heart out, thank you very much.
Because if I had my way.
Life would be a musical.


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