Friday, August 6, 2010

The One With The Sisters.


Dear Lover,

I have a pair of neighbors who are fantastic.
They're sisters.
Quirky and loving and free-spirited.
We call each other Sisters.
I love the fact that we stroll to each others' houses to say hello.
I love that we fall asleep on each others' couches while watching movies.
Usually You've Got Mail and Pride & Prejudice.
And I love that we have a tradition at Christmas.
That's a secret to all not involved.
Excepting our brothers.
Who we endearingly refer to as Sisters as well.

We also have insanely intelligent conversations with each other.
That go something like this.

Me: "Let's take a picture.  Like we're doing a bed-in."
Sister 2: "What's a bed-in?"
Me: (Reminding myself that patience is a virtue.  Also reminding myself just how much older I am than they are.)  "It's when you lounge about in bed all day long, peacefully fighting against an injustice.  Like John & Yoko did."
Sister 2: "Like John and who?"
Sister 1: "Yoko.  She broke up The Beatles."
Me: (Snaps fingers in a "z' pattern and scrunches lips together.) "Yoko-Ono-You-Didn't."
(Laughter ensues.  Camera falls to ground.)
Sister 2: "Okay, so pick an injustice we're against..."
Sister 1: "Against Swine Flu!"
All: "Against Swine Flu!"
Me: (Sets up the camera again.) "Okay, ready?  It's counting down!"
Sister 2: "Hurry!"
Sister 1: "Be careful!"
Sister 2: "Wait!  What sort of faces should we make?"
Me: "Well, we look like the old people in Willy Wonka.  Let's pretend we don't have teeth."
Sister 1: "Willy who?"
Me: (Patience... patience... nope... can't handle it!)  "Oh come on!  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?"
Sisters 1 & 2: "Oooh!  I love that movie!  Yes, let's!"
Me:  "Wait!  I'm having trouble..."
Sister 2:  "Just cover your teeth with your lips..."
Me:  "But my gums are too big..."
Sister 1: "It was your idea in the first place!"
Sister 2: "Forget it.  Let's go get some chocolate."
(Picture snaps as Sisters crawl off bed and I continue the awkward attempt to cover the whole of my teeth.)

(You will never see this picture.)


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