Thursday, September 9, 2010

The One With A Day In The Life.

Dear Lover,

Today I had a cup of chamomile peppermint tea.
From a teacup.
And saucer.

Today I had the last sliver of a French countryside cake for breakfast.
The plain jane honest to goodness kind your grandmother would make.
If she were French.
Made with berries and yogurt.
And measured out with a mason jar.

Today I picked out a rather 1950's style outfit.
Think, I Love Lucy meets Gidget.
Pleated linen skirt, tucked in blue and white striped shirt, a high-waisted belt, and flats.

Today I got to finish listening to the final minute of Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" as I sat in the parking lot at work.
Walked the longer route which winded through tree-lined sidewalks.
And noticed a statue of a man with a backpack hidden down an alley between two buildings, who I dubbed Kerry.

Today I lounged on a stone bench during lunch.
Read a book, toe-grasped wet blades of grass.
And wore my most perfect one dollar sunglasses.

Today I had a conversation with a co-worker about her childhood in Hong Kong and Venezuela.
Got to learn particulars of Chinese customs.
Like how they refer to siblings not by their names, but by, simply, Brother and Sister.

Today I took Dorothy Parker for a walk.
Saw the tree with splattered paint across its trunk.
The work of a friend and me months ago.
Still there.

Today I talked with Father Darling.
Talked with Mother Mary.
Talked with Brother.

Today I nearly locked myself out of my apartment.
So decided to nurse my hero of a squashed finger.
With a little chocolate ice cream.

Today I gathered up all the letters from friends.
Organized them in a shoebox.
And tied it closed with a thick, teal ribbon.

Today I wrote another chapter of The Forgotten Fables.
Finished a book I've been enjoying.
Took a long bubble bath.

Today I realized that when you cancel your Cable T.V.
As well as decrease your Netflix videos from 2 to 1 at a time.
And can't waste hours of your life watching Seinfeld episodes.
And television series seasons in one sitting.
A day in the life without commercials goes something like so.


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