Saturday, April 2, 2011

The One With Happy Birthday To Me.

Dear Lover,

Mother Mary went into labor on April 1st, 1982.
24 hours later.
(The ultimate April Fool's prank.)
I was born.
And I was supposed to be named Stevie.
But, because of the vat-full of medications the quack of a doctor dosed Mother Mary up with.
She was out.
And, because it had been hours and hours and Father Darling is sort of a labor room softie.
He was out.
So when Dr. Quack asked them what my name would be.
Mother Mary arose from her semi-conscious dream state and called out.

She'd been watching "Little House on the Prairie" before she went into labor.
And there had been a baby named Cassandra on the episode.
And within that semi-conscious dream state, her synapses faltered a bit.
And she remembered that episode.

Is it any wonder that I wish I lived on a farm?
Or that I have these freckles.
Or that I quite enjoy running through fields of grass.
Or that I have an alter-ego of sorts.


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