Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The One With The Bubble Toes.

Dear Lover,

I have this weird quirk, you see.
I like to wander up and down the CD aisles.
Looking for no particular music artist.
And when I get a certain feeling.
I stop.
Turn to my left.
And stand before the random section.
Looking at the cover art for something that catches my eye.

This is how I've found some of my most favorite musicians.
By the way.
So it's legitimate.
I tell you.

8 years ago.
On one particular day.
I did this.
And I was drawn to a cover.
Of a scruffy man.
Wearing a blue rain jacket hood.
Standing in the pouring rain.
Looking up.
Smiling, casually.

I do this when it rains.
Look up.
Smile, casually.

I mean, rain dries, doesn't it?
What's with the rush?

Now, 8 years later.
I still listen to Jack Johnson.
He speaks to me.
Me and my bubble toes.
And I get to see him today.
Get to listen to him.
As I lay on a blanket on top of a grassy hill beneath the stars.

I hope it rains.
A huge summer storm.
And if by chance you're there.
Look for me.
Look for a chin pointed to the sky.



  1. Envious... hope the concert was splendid.

  2. @Heather:
    You'll never believe it. It DID rain. Poured. And we all danced and swayed and muddied up our toes and dress hems.